LCFF Magazine

LCFF is an online magazine complete with audio files for intermediate (B1-B2) levels. Develop your language skills and learn more about French culture.

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  • Lcff – Le magazine des francophiles francophones n° 40 |
  • Lcff – Le magazine des francophiles francophones n° 36 |

Learn French with the Alliance Française


With over 71 language schools, the network of Alliances Françaises in the United States offers quality French classes from the beginning to advanced levels, for adults and kids. Our classes and cultural programs offer a complete panorama of France and French-speaking countries today. Our competent instructors are all trained in the teaching of French as a foreign language or are specialists in the subject area they teach. After your class, the Médiathèque, cultural programs and social activities offer a wide-range of activities to make language learning enjoyable. Remember: it all starts with Bonjour!

Learn French with TV5Monde

Learn French with web docs: an online French language learning tool for all levels of French. C'est facile et fun!



Learn lots of new words with this fun game! (use Google Chrome please!)


Destination Francophonie

He's hip and hot and travels the Francophone world! Join Ivan Kabacoff to discover French speakers like you all over the planet.

Learn french with Radio France International RFI


 Learn French with RFI right in your pocket!