Katanga - tome 3 - Katanga - tome 3 - Tome 3

BD numérique

Nury Fabien | Vallée Sylvain

Edited by Dargaud - 2019

Le Katanga est aujourd'hui une province du Congo. Fabien Nury et Sylvain Vallée revisitent un moment clé de son histoire très contrariée, dans les années soixante... On y rencontre des mercenaires sans foi ni loi, des hommes politiques corrompus jusqu'à l'os, des anciens nazis, des victimes annoncées... Aucun idéalisme dans ce récit violent, iconoclaste et pour autant jubilatoire, qui aborde sans concession les sujets du racisme et de l'argent.

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Katanga - tome 2 - Katanga - tome 2 - Tome 2 | Vallée Sylvain

Katanga - tome 2 - Katanga - tome 2 - Tome 2

BD numérique | Vallée Sylvain | 2017

En 1960, après 80 ans passés sous la domination coloniale belge, le Congo proclame son indépendance ; moins de deux semaines après, la riche province minière du Katanga fait sécession. Le Congo et le Katanga entrent immédiatement ...

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Reader reviews

  • Katanga 1-2-3 3/5

    This series is on the strong side, i.e. definitely not for children. The graphics are absolutely superb, the coloring impeccable and the plot intricate enough to be believable. What tarnishes it to a large degree is the non-stop violence and killing on almost every page. By the end of Vol. 3, the reader is spent. It is clear that the artist enjoys drawing these scenes and is quite good at illustrating them, but maybe he enjoys them a little too much. It is true that there is little redemption to be found in the events that followed the independence of the former Belgian Congo in 1960, and it is true that the place was filled with crowds of opportunists, adventurers, thieves, tribal leaders busy reviving inter-tribal warfare, international civil servants more focused on serving themselves than the locals they supposedly came to help, local politicians rotten to the core, all drooling at the idea of getting a cut from the huge mineral deposits located in the Katanga province (especially diamonds). Hence the cynicism that pervades this whole series. No ray of sunshine or hope left there. Too bad. Hopefully the authors, and especially the graphic artist (Sylvain Vallée) will be able to devote their immense talents to more positive stories than vile mercenaries in the future.

    by Jean-Jacques Surbeck Le 19 April 2020 à 08:46