A Chair for Two: Georges Cuvier and Jean-Claude Delamétherie at the Collège de France

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Corsi, Pietro

Edited by Collège de France

The history of science has always experienced a certain degree of difficulty in accepting the “history” part of its name. Even the more sociologically oriented colleagues appear not to be very successful in freeing themselves from the idea that “science” is, and has always been, a well-defined and coherent body of actors and practices. Almost inevitably, successive generations of historians, together with national and international professional associations and journals, have established a va...


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Darwin au Collège de France | Almouzni, Geneviève

Darwin au Collège de France

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La théorie de Darwin aussi bien que sa réception scientifique, littéraire et politique en France continuent d’être matière à débat. Les controverses qu’elle a suscitées à partir de la première traduction française de L’Origine des...

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